Facebook Fan Page Set Up

Create a simple 200 by 600 pixel profile graphic for your Fan Page profile photo
Create a simple 200x600 pixel profile graphic for your Fan Page profile photo
200 x 600 banner for your FanPage profile photo
To set up your Fan Page we will do the following:
  1. Create a simple 200 by 600 pixel profile graphic for your Fan Page profile photo.
  2. Set up your tabs and account information.
  3. If you have a blog integrate your blog feed into the Notes tab.
  4. Create your first discussion point and ask for interaction with Fans.
  5. Create a Welcome Page for your Fan Page.
  6. Invite existing Facebook friends to become fans of your Fan page. (Existing friends only.)
  7. Set up your HootSuite.com account that you or our writers will use to scheduled ahead Facebook Fan Page status updates.
  8. Send to your webmaster your Fan Page badge to integrate into your website or blog.


  • If you already have an existing Facebook account and we just need to setup a Fanpage for you – HK$1,280
  • If you prefer us to create a new Facebook account together with a new Fanpage – HK$2,380
  • Setup a Fanpage


  1. Payment be made via Paypal.com by click on the above button. Payee be our holding business entity incorporated in Hong Kong the “Treebread Company”. A receipt will be emailed to your Paypal address upon completion of payment. You can apply your credit cards on Paypal. Click here for a free signup if you don’t have a Paypal account yet.
  2. We will email you a simple form requesting categorized details for your Facebook settings. You will fill the form and email us back together with any graphic files you want us to use on Facebook
  3. Spare 1-2 working days for our work. Once the work is ready we will email you the links for your revision and make any final touch you see necessary.
  4. Your fee (on either package) has included a 3-months unlimited email support on any technical problem in using the account. Within the period we will be able to login your fanpage (fanpage only, not your FB account) to co-admin the page with you. You will enter that maintenance period on the date we send you the links. After the period we will sign off the admin role from your page.

What’s next after you got a fanpage? We will be providing other enhancement Facebook services soon, such as:

  • Fans building. We can get targeted fans to LIKE your page. We will get them from specific segments defined by you: by country, age, sex… and even groups and fan pages from your competitors.
  • Interaction with your fans on regular basis, so your page won’t become a desert island. We will do status update, comment to fans, create discussion…. etc.
  • Installing FBML code on your page for more interactive activities. Free codes available in the market have included: newsletter, media gallery, traffic tracking, randomising marketing messages… etc. Tailor made function is possible if you have a development budget.

For any specific request we are available to your service at rate of HK$600 per hour.


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